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Lost In Wonderland

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle." — Lewis Carroll

2019 | Filmes vistos

05.01.19 | wonder girl | comentar
Janeiro Dumplin';Set It Up;The Hate U Give;Night School;Home by Spring;Step Up;Fevereiro Bohemian Rhapsody;Crazy Rich Asians;Nobody's Fool;Forever My Girl*;Bachelorrete;Love, Rosie*;Portugal não está à venda (cinema);Março Isn't It Romantic?;Inst (...)

2018 | Filmes vistos

15.04.18 | wonder girl | comentar
«Because we all need to believe in movies sometimes.» Janeiro Deadpool*;Paul Bart: Mall Cop 2;The Strange Case of Benjamin Button;Little Fockers*;Fevereiro What If;Two Night Stand;Be Somebody;Behaving Badly;When We First Met;The Wilde Wedding;Fif (...)